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API Through UI

Why Do you Need it?

My friends, did you ever document a REST API? If you did, chances are, the process was like the following:

  • cURL an API Endpoint -> Repeat until it works
  • Copy the URL, headers, request and response body -> Paste somewhere -> Remove duplicates -> Write description
  • Repeat for each API Endpoint

Well, I find this to be laborious and error prone. Friends, instead of this, what if it was as follows:

  • Write a test to describe your API
    describe 'gists' do

      it "List a user's gists since a time:" do
        response = Github.get '/users/smsohan/gists?since=20140101T00:00:00Z', @common_options
        assert_equal 200, response.code
        refute_nil response.body
  • And it'd generate a full documentation as seen here

    Automated, with cURL example, based on live API data! My friend, are you sold yet?

How it works

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This is the UI component of a project lovingly named SpyREST.

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