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thanks to and

I combine the files from those repositories to make one with ftp tls

Starting it

touch pureftpd.passwd

docker run -p 21:21 -d --name ftp -v $(pwd)/datas:/datas snasello/ftp

Operating it

docker exec -it ftp /bin/bash

Example usage once inside

Create an ftp user: e.g. bob with chroot access only to /datas/ftpusers/bob

pure-pw useradd bob -u ftpuser -d /datas/ftpusers/bob -f /datas/pureftpd.passwd
pure-pw mkdb /datas/pureftpd.pdb -f /datas/pureftpd.passwd

No restart should be needed.

More info on usage here:


Thanks for the help on stackoverflow with this!


The container runs default in FTP over TLS only. You can overwrite the dummy certificate with -v myCert.pem:/etc/ssl/private/pure-ftpd.pem . You can also change the TLS behavior with the environment variable FTP_TLS.

Run the container with mounted storage, overwrite pure-ftp passwd config and use a custom certificate:
docker run -p 21:21 -d --name ftp -v $(pwd)/datas:/datas -v $(pwd)/myCert.pem:/etc/ssl/private/pure-ftpd.pem snasello/ftp

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