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Dockerfile for (nearly) full automated installation of egroupware.
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1. General info

New- Now with 17.1 version of egroupware.
And by using apt update && apt upgrade -y you can update now even egroupware!

This dockerfile builds an eGroupware container.

You'll also need a MySQL or MariaDB container for the database.

See also my extended image, which is an extended egroupware (extended by my own apps)!

New ! Now with Samba Support!

2. Egroupware


Egroupware is a very powerful open source groupware programm. It consists of a calendar app, contacts, infolog, project manager, ticket system and more.
If you need more information on egroupware, just take a look here:
Although this is a unofficial dockerfile, it uses just the official sources!


This dockerfile installs Version 17.1 of egroupware (and works with apt update && apt upgrade)

3. Installation / Configuration

a) helpful script

For starting, stopping and updating my egroupware containers, I use my script, which You can download from

b) without script

b) 1. Data directories (storage)

First, it would be wise to create directories for storing everything in place. I usually pack everything into subfolders under the same superior directory. This way it's easier to create a backup using rsync. (Remember to stop the database before creating a backup!)
I suggest the following directory hierarchy:

/home/egroupware/xxx/mysql -> Database
/home/egroupware/xxx/data -> Egroupware Files, backups and

mkdir -p /home/egroupware/xxx/mysql /home/egroupware/xxx/data

-> Please replace xxx with Your favourite name! <-

b) 2. start mysql container

docker run -d --name mysql-egroupware-xxx \
-e MYSQL_DATABASE=egroupware \
-e MYSQL_USER=egroupware \
-e MYSQL_PASSWORD=123456 \
-v /home/egroupware/xxx/mysql:/var/lib/mysql mysql

-> Please replace xxx with Your favourite name and 123456 with Your password! <-

b) 3. start egroupware container

To start the egroupware container, just use:

docker run -d \
--name egroupware-xxx \
-p 4321:80 \
-v /home/egroupware/xxx/data:/var/lib/egroupware \
-e SUBFOLDER=/egroupware \
--link mysql-egroupware-xxx:mysql \

-> Please replace xxx with Your favourite name and 4321 with the port projected for using.<- -> The SUBFOLDER variable is optional, if You leave it, the login address is without subfolder!<-

3.3 Setup Egroupware

a) First time logging in?

If You started the image for first time, You have to login via




depending on Your subfolder variable!

You don't have to add database info during installation manually - I updated the files

    this way the installation is a bit more automated.
    If You have another subfolder than "/egroupware" please make sure that Your data directory is set to "/var/lib/egroupware/default/files" and Your backup is set to "/var/lib/egroupware/default/backup" - otherwise You will loose Your data!

Now the installation imports also an existing database backup from egroupware!

b) Logging in with existing database and data?

If the file already exists (former installation), the updates the database host ip and port in the automaticly!

If You updated to a new version of egroupware, don't forget to start the setup and update the database!


4. Additional info

Change all passwords from 123456 to Your own password.

Remember to put the following informations external, otherwise all data will be lost after updating the image:

  • folder for egroupware
  • Mysql Database files
    (see above for example directory hierarchy!)

If You restart the docker container (former stoped with "docker stop xxx" and now start with "docker start xxx") don't forget to update the mysql-IP-adress by using

docker exec -it xxx /bin/ update

5. Mount Your Samba Folders

Login to Your docker container with

docker exec -it egroupware-xxx /bin/bash

then create Your mount points with

filemanager/cli.php mount --user root_admin --password 123456 'smb://Workgroup\$user:$pass@adressOfServer/path' '/whereToMountInFilemanager'

If you have any suggestions, questions or You need a special egroupware application, just contact me via:

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