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A development environment for the Parallella / Epiphany SDK
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Development environment for the Adapteva Parallella board.

Installing and running

Start by installing docker for your platform.

The rest of this guide is based on a Ubuntu environment, but any other environment should be similar.

This container is based on a Ubuntu 14.04 image. You can start the container from the command line:

$ docker run  -t -i snim2/parallella-devenv /bin/bash

This will create a BASH shell in the $HOME directory which is located at /home/dev/.

There are two directories you need to know about:

  • /opt/adapteva/esdk - which contains an installed version of the Epiphany SDK and toolchain. Relevant environment variables (such as $PATH, $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and $MANPATH) have been set. The path /opt/adapteva/ is readable and writeable by the default user dev.
  • /home/dev/examples - a clone of the official Epiphany examples repository.

Compiling code for the Parallella board

To compile and simulate the hello-world example from the Epiphany examples repository, first change directory:

$ cd ~/examples/apps/hello-world

then run the build script to with:

$ ./

This will build all the relevant binary files and place them in the Debug directory.


Contributions to this repository are very welcome.

To contribute, please fork this repository on GitHub and send a pull request with a clear description of your changes. If appropriate, please ensure that the user documentation in this README is updated.

If you have submitted a PR and not received any feedback for a while, feel free to ping me on Twitter


Add documentation on how to connect to e-server.

© Sarah Mount, University of Wolverhampton, 2015.

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