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This is the codebase for the website,

It's a relatively well-kept Django app, so you shouldn't have too many problems getting a local copy running.

Note: These instructions assume you already have Git and Mercurial installed.

If you need help, visit #snipt on

Running the Django app

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Setup a virtualenv.
  3. pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. pip install --index-url --upgrade stripe
  5. Copy to and edit the settings. Be sure to change the SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN, or authentication won't work.
  6. python syncdb
  7. python migrate
  8. python runserver
  9. If you created a superuser in the syncdb step, you need to also run python backfill_api_keys to generate an API key for that user.

Any problems / questions / bugs, create an issue. Thanks! :)

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