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Short Description
This is an image with PHP, Composer, Apache serving from public/ folder. Ideal for Laravel
Full Description

This is a Docker image with PHP, Composer, and Apache (running in
Foreground) serving from public/ folder. Ideal for Laravel, Lumen and other
modern php apps.

Supported tags and Dockerfile links

Included on top of base PHP image

  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • zip
  • composer (avaiable globally)
  • xdebug (enabled with -e PHP_XDEBUG=1)

App Setup

This docker image is built for index.php file being in the public/
directory. mod_rewrite is enabled.

At a minimum, you will want this in your Dockerfile:

FROM socialengine/php-apache:5.6

COPY . /app

RUN composer install

Then you can build & run your app in the docker container.

If you want to enable xdebug:

$ docker run -e PHP_XDEBUG=1 [your image]

See example for further info.

Check Links

A lot of times, your depedant services aren't ready to go as fast as your app

For that, there's a check_docker_link command that will check TCP to make
sure its up

Usage: check_docker_link <name> <addr> <port>

# Example
if check_docker_link "mysql" "${DB_1_PORT_3306_TCP_ADDR}" "${DB_1_PORT_3306_TCP_PORT}"; then
    export MYSQL_HOST=${DB_1_PORT_3306_TCP_ADDR}
    export MYSQL_PORT=${DB_1_PORT_3306_TCP_PORT}
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