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Ruby 2.3 docker container for Socrata
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An open-sourced collection of docker images that probably don't merit their own git repo, but serve as building blocks or one-off utilities.


Build all images in this project:

$ bin/build

Build a single image from this project, with support for specific versions:

$ bin/build name[/x.x]


For more information on runit-based images, see runit.


  • socrata/base: Base Ubuntu image that establises a base set of patterns and tools for building other containers.
  • socrata/data: Basic data container that creates a /data volume.
  • socrata/runit: Image based on phusion/baseimage-docker that establishes a base set of patterns and tools for building other containers with support for multiple processes via runit.



  • socrata/nodejs: socrata/base image with nodejs and npm installed natively and a LTS version of Node.js installed in userspace via n, a Node.js version manager.
  • socrata/runit-nodejs: socrata/runit version of the above.


Python 2

  • socrata/python: socrata/base image with Python 2.7 and pip installed.
  • socrata/py_analysis: socrata/python image with numpy, scipy and scikit installed.
  • socrata/py_nltk: socrata/py_analysis image with nltk installed, along with nltk's stopwords, punkt, wordnet and maxent_treebank_pos_tagger.
  • socrata/py_analyserver: socrata/py_nltk image with Flask and flask-restful installed.

Python 3

  • socrata/python3: socrata/base image with Python 3.4 and pip installed.
  • socrata/py3_analysis: socrata/python3 image with numpy, scipy and scikit installed. Similar to the socrata/py_analysis image, but for Python 3.
  • socrata/py3_spacy: socrata/py3_analysis image with spacy-en installed.


(1) These images are locked to an x.y.z version of ruby

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