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Docker file for Facebook ReDex container (zip your apks inside a container)
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ReDex Docker Container

Dockerfile for Facebook ReDex (source), the Facebook Android Bytecode optimizer. If you want to better understand what does ReDex perform on your apk, let's have a look at this article: Open-sourcing ReDex.

You can use this container to optimize your Android APKs without violating your host system with tons of dependencies :)


You can run ReDex with a single command

docker run -v /your-apk-folder:/data/redex sofianhw/redex redex your-apk.apk -o out.apk

You will find a compressed apk called out.apk inside /your-apk-folder (change with your own apk folder).

Build the container

If you want to re-build the container, you have to clone the repo and trigger the building:

git clone && cd docker-redex && docker build .


The following software is licensed under the MIT License. Redex is license under the BSD License

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