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GPL password generator "pwgen" image based on alpine for minimal overall size
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PWGEN on Alpine linux


This repository can be used to generate an alpine linux based docker image for strong GPL'ed password generation using "pwgen" software. The package is on the alpine repo under GPL License. For all the possible options on the pwgen software, please have a look at this manual.

Base image

I use the Alpine Linux base image as one of the smallest base images with a repository (as far as I know, at the time of writing). The goal is to avoid heavy "usual" ubuntu/debian base image to install one utility software. The final result is less than 5MB in size.

REPOSITORY              TAG                 VIRTUAL SIZE
gliderlabs/alpine       3.3                 4.794 MB
pwgen                   alp                 4.835 MB

Possible use

Please use as you please in any project of yours as you see fit. For example, as a utility software to install on coreos and use for other services initialisations. If you want to include this software in your project, one inspiration could be the "" file in the public repository of the tutum mysql image.

How to use this repository

If you are on the docker hub, use:

docker pull sofianinho/pwgen-alpine

If you came through this modest project in github, a standard git clone command and docker build, provided with an example to generate 3 secure passwords of 15 characters with special symbols separated by a space/blank delimiter will be the way to go. Note that as of recent Docker security recommendations, the "nobody" non-root user is the one invoking the pwgen command inside your container. See here.

git clone
cd pwgen-alpine
docker build --tag=pwgen:alp .
docker run -t pwgen:alp -sy 15 3


MIT license. Use as you please.

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