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A Docker container for the go continuous delivery server (
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= go continuous delivery server

== Setting up a Docker container


docker build -t softwarecraftsmen/go-cdserver .

.Create network

The go continuous delivery server requires a network for allowing its agents to join.


docker network create go-cd <1>

<1> Creates a network of type bridge

== Starting a docker container

.Run go with defaults

This runs go with defaults for the server id and agent key.


docker run -tid --name go-cdserver --hostname go-cdserver --net go-cd \ <1>
-p 8153:8153 \ <2>
-p 8154:8154 \ <3>


<1> Container is added to the network go-cd

<2> Expose HTTP port

<3> Expose HTTPS port

.Run go with SERVER_ID


export SERVER_ID=uuidgen <1>
docker run -tid --name go-cdserver --hostname go-cdserver --net go-cd \
-p 8153:8153 \
-p 8154:8154 \

<1> Generate a UUID (Mac OSX only!)

<2> Assign a new server id

NOTE: Assigning a server id is not necessary as a server id is automatically generated when it is not present!

=== Environment Variables

| The key used by agents to[auto-register]

| A unique[server id] (will be generated if not set).

== Agents

The go-cd server needs one or more agents for executing jobs. Look for the[agent Docker image].

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