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Open Science Grid Client build on CentOS6
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This container comes with standard osg-client RPMS pre-installed and all you need to do is to have your X509 user certificate in ~/.globus. You can run it like following..

docker run -it --rm --net=host -v ~/.globus:/globus -v `pwd`:/host soichih/osg-client /bin/bash

You can add this to your .bashrc as OSG alias like..

alias osg="docker run -it --rm --net=host -v ~/.globus:/globus -v \`pwd\`:/host soichih/osg-client /bin/bash"

Then you can just enter "osg" in any directory you have your data / executable to start running jobs on OSG.

2014-07-08 23:02:12 UTC [hayashis@soichi6]$ cd tmp
2014-07-08 23:02:13 UTC [hayashis@soichi6]$ osg
starting condor
Starting Condor daemons:                                   [  OK  ]
initializing proxy
Your identity: /DC=com/DC=DigiCert-Grid/O=Open Science Grid/OU=People/CN=Soichi Hayashi 238
Creating proxy ................................. Done
Your proxy is valid until: Wed Jul  9 12:02:17 2014
welcome to OSG client!
bash-4.1# globus-job-run /usr/bin/whoami
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3 years ago

Alan, yes, docker runs as root, so any files that it writes to the host will be owned by root.. In the future, Docker might allow writing of files under the user that docker CLI are executed.. but I am not sure.

3 years ago

Cancel the last part. It worked for me after I restarted boot2docker - perhaps something got reset.

3 years ago

Seems to launch as root - is this expected? Also, for me, it does not mount the ~/.globus directory on the host to the /globus area in the container. I get:

cp: cannot stat `/globus/usercert.pem': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat `/globus/userkey.pem': No such file or directory
initializing proxy
Error: Couldn't find valid credentials to generate a proxy.