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Package a binary file from Debian to be used in a busybox docker image.
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##Docker image usage
Busybox includes a small (but very useful) set of commands. When you need just a little bit of extra oomph from another program, busyboxer can create a tar file with a binary and all its dependencies for use in a busybox Docker image.

For example, if you need htpasswd for busybox, run

docker run -t -i --rm -v `pwd`:/vapr/build sojournlabs/busyboxer htpasswd apache2-utils

This takes the htpasswd executable (and its dependencies) from the apache2-utils package and creates a .tar.gz file with them in it. Note this does not work for all programs such as programs that bind libraries at runtime.

##Wrapper usage
First, package a program using busyboxer. With the dockertools wrapper, this is

busyboxer command_name [from_package]

where command_name is the name of the command to be packaged and from_package is the package that provides command_name in Debian, where applicable.

To run the .tar.gz file produced with busyboxed using the dockertools wrapper, run

busyboxed command_name arg1 arg2 ... argn

That's all! For more details on usage, look at the dockertools wrapper source or in the Dockerfiles for busyboxer and busyboxed.

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