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Docker - Powershell

A docker image that gives you a power shell.

Be powerful!

This is a Docker Registry Trusted Build


To get a powershell:

docker run -t -i solarkennedy/powershell

To get a normal cmd shell

docker run -t -i solarkennedy/powershell /usr/bin/wine cmd


Q: Why is this only PS 1.0?
A: It is the only one I could get to install in Wine.

Q: I run the IT for a hospital, a pre-natal care unit specifically, and I
would like to use this code to support the life-support infrastructure. Do
you recommend I do this?
A: Sure! What could possibly go wrong!

Q: Yea I get a prompt, but nothing works?
A: Patches welcome!

Q: Isn't this illegal?
A: It probably is somehow.

Q: How does this work?
A: A bit of magic and science! Mostly magic. Yea its not that magical. This works?


Standard devel, but there is a make file with helpers.


  • Try to use a later version of Powershell.
  • Try to fix the strange error messages in the powershell outputs.
  • Learn how to use powershell.
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