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Containerized version of stashdb. See
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A REST based data store that syncs


  • Supports PUT and GET of REST resources ("files") of any content type.
  • Stores everything in RAM for fast access.
  • Stores differential history to enable syncing of collections.



If you PUT /some/resource, stashdb will store the resouce you have provided and return it verbatim on any subsequent GET with the same path.


If you PUT /some/collection/resource, the collection /some/collection is created automatically for you (and all intermediary collections).

After this, you can iterate on all resources in the collection like this:

GET /some/collection/?get

This will fetch the first resource from the collection and return a next link to the next available resource.

Specifically, following the next link can return the following:

  • The Name header has been set
    • HTTP 200: Resource available: the resource with the provided name is returned.
    • HTTP 204: Resource gone: the resource with the provided name has been deleted.
  • The Name header is missing
    • HTTP 204: No more resources: there is no more resources in this collection.

In all three cases above, the service will always return a next link. In the case where there is no more resources, following the next link may return a new resource that was added since the request to the server that returned the link.

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