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ProtractorJs Centos
Full Description

This image contains a fully configured environment for running Protractor tests

Installed software

  • Xvfb The headless X server, for running browsers inside Docker
  • node.js The runtime platform for running JavaScript on the server side, including Protractor tests
  • npm Node.js package manager used to install Protractor and any specific node.js modules the tests may need
  • Selenium webdriver Browser instrumentation agent used by Protractor to execute the tests
  • Java 8 SE Needed by Selenium
  • Chromium The OSS core part of Google Chrome browser
  • Protractor An end-to-end test framework for web applications
  • Supervisor Process controll system used to manage Xvfb and Selenium background processes needed by Protractor
  • PHP 7
  • PHPUnit
  • GitHub
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