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Private bower registry with third party cache
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Private bower registry with caching

This docker image sets up a private bower registry which caches third party packages.

All data is stored in the /data volume which should be mounted somewhere persistent.

The ports 5678, 6789 and 7891 should be mapped one-to-one.

The docker image need to know which IP/hostname it can be reached on. This is done by specifying the ADDRESS environment variable at launch.

docker run -e ADDRESS=my-bower-registry \
           -v /somewhere/to/store/stuff:/data \
           -p 5678:5678 -p 6789:6789 -p 7891:7891 \


In your client project add the registry to your .bowerrc file:

    "registry": "http://my-bower-registry:5678"

Customizing private-bower config

In case you like to tweak the configuration make sure the configuration is mounted as /data/bowerConfig.json. If the file exists it will be used instead of the default configuration.

Providing ssh keys

To provide ssh keys for use with the docker container copy or symlink the keys you wish to use into the ssh folder and these will be used, allowing access to private repos for which you have access.

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