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Golosd Daemon Server ( (Fork of Someguy123/STEEM)
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Golos is a peer-to-peer social network, using a blockchain based on STEEM/BitShares. This docker image contains golosd, cli-wallet, and all other tools in the repo.

You will need to mount a directory, or docker data volume onto /golos for the blockchain, config file, and logs. Here's an example:

docker run -v /var/lib/golos:/golos -t golos --name=seed

This was designed to function with Golos-in-a-Box, which is a small utility to handle the GOLOS docker image with zero effort.

Make sure you have seeds in your /var/lib/golos/witness_node_data_dir, or your GOLOS node will NOT sync

Here are some examples:

seed-node =                   # @cyberfounder (NL)
seed-node =                    # @litvintech (NL)
seed-node =                  # @smailer (DE)
seed-node =      # @someguy123 (USA)
seed-node =                     # @xtar (DE)
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