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Hashicorp Vault (non-dev) with file backend inside docker container on alpine linux
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This repo contains a docker image which runs vault in an "alpha" mode.

One step up from dev.

1) Use a file as backend (not HA capable)

2) Use TLS

3) Run on Alpine

Image Pull Instructions

clone the repo into a directory that you want to work in

run the following command

sudo docker build -f /opt/vault/Dockerfile .

sudo docker build -f /opt/vault/Dockerfile .

Sending build context to Docker daemon 3.584 kB
Sending build context to Docker daemon 
Step 0 : FROM gliderlabs/alpine
 ---> 3adc3de69ee5
Step 1 : MAINTAINER Tim Kropp <>
 ---> Using cache
 ---> ab2b6c30064b
Step 2 : COPY vaultconfig.hcl /opt/vault/vaultconfig.hcl
 ---> Using cache
 ---> adeac3fa83f3
Step 3 : ADD /tmp/
Downloading 3.615 MB/3.615 MB
 ---> Using cache
 ---> 22a9114c6c12
Step 4 : RUN cd /bin && unzip /tmp/ && chmod +x /bin/vault && rm /tmp/
 ---> Using cache
 ---> 94eacd9fd6d7
Step 5 : EXPOSE 8200
 ---> Running in 2ae65c88b944
 ---> 8f544ab4b5b7
Removing intermediate container 2ae65c88b944
Step 6 : ENV VAULT_ADDR ""
 ---> Running in 402c3cadb4c0
 ---> e4139f8c033c
Removing intermediate container 402c3cadb4c0
Step 7 : ENTRYPOINT /bin/vault server
 ---> Running in 9325c2f7c4a9
 ---> 6808800d3546
Removing intermediate container 9325c2f7c4a9
Successfully built 6808800d3546

After you see something like the above, run this:

sudo docker images

find the image ID - in this case it's 6808800d3546 and tag it:

sudo docker tag 6808800d3546 vaultalpha

This is the output with the assigned name tag to the newly created image

REPOSITORY                    TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE          latest              6808800d3546        5 minutes ago       22.83 MB              14.04               fa81ed084842        9 days ago          188.3 MB              latest              8697b6cc1f48        12 days ago         5.238 MB   latest              3adc3de69ee5        12 days ago         5.238 MB


Once you pull the image, you'll need to run it. And open another terminal to run docker exec to enter the container and launch vault.

1) Run the container

sudo docker run -i -t --rm --entrypoint sh --cap-add IPC_LOCK vaultalpha

In a new terminal window, exec a shell (grab the image that is running from above command).

docker ps -a

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                              COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS                    PORTS               NAMES
734e7952e070        sometheycallme/vaultalpha:latest   "sh c"                 11 hours ago        Running         

Grab the ID

sudo docker exec -it 734e7952e070 sh

2) Initialize it and grab the keys - you need them to open the vault!

Once you have a separate shell exec'd go ahead and init

/ # vault init 
Key 1: 21f086ce697f5b5f8635d07d34b35c9124d043e3654d5df2dbe29f5da4d4979c01
Key 2: be0092d8505d268cb0d25c447d6eaf8afb2d41ab40f6ffe322175dec36acac9102
Key 3: 56ecee66b02c8d4ccf7428e26a84e75477170243cc1f721d0033dc0dba9ede2903
Key 4: e1755c2a285a1daf81490ff344fad54d5585b3e73e5a36e91e2deb0e60caf50004
Key 5: 09992094c82bb66ffeef7b5553109d93d9bff00fb2b3bb173c096aefecf887b805

Initial Root Token: 112f9aa7-352f-a988-76d2-66f08599013e

Vault initialized with 5 keys and a key threshold of 3!

3) Unseal the vault with any 3 of 5 keys 3

/ # vault unseal 21f086ce697f5b5f8635d07d34b35c9124d043e3654d5df2dbe29f5da4d4979c01
/ # vault unseal 56ecee66b02c8d4ccf7428e26a84e75477170243cc1f721d0033dc0dba9ede2903
/ # vault unseal 09992094c82bb66ffeef7b5553109d93d9bff00fb2b3bb173c096aefecf887b805

4) Authenticate to the vault with root

/ # vault auth 112f9aa7-352f-a988-76d2-66f08599013e

Successfully authenticated! The policies that are associated
with this token are listed below:


5) Finally, test reading and writing secrets

Write it

/ # vault write secret/foo password=bar lease=1h
Success! Data written to: secret/foo

Read it

/ # vault read secret/foo
Key                Value
lease_id           secret/foo/37d4cfb7-98c0-e330-eb32-32c916d326ca
lease_duration     3600
lease_renewable    %!d(string=true)
lease              1h
password           bar
/ # 
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