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TAO examination platform 3.1 installed on PHP's official Debian image
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Docker Recipe for Tao Testing

This is a Docker build recipe for Tao Testing - an online testing and certification platform.

The easiest way to fire this up is to follow these instructions:

TAO Version 3.1+

  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose
  2. Modify the variables inside and .env according to your needs and host parameters
  3. Execute sudo ./ from the command line
  4. Open http://your-host and follow installation wizard
    • Use pgdb as database host name
    • Use TAO_POSTGRES_DB value from as database name
    • Select the Overwrite option

Note: OPCache is enabled in the php.ini.

TAO Version 3.0 and below

  1. Install Docker Compose
  2. Run docker-compose up
  3. Postgres container username=postgres and password=example as declared in the docker-compose.yml
  4. Determine the ip address of your postgres container and create the tao database: createdb -h ip.address.of.pgcontainer -U postgres dbname (use password example when prompted)
  5. Connect to http://localhost:8002 and follow the TAO installation wizard
  6. For the database hostname you should use pgdb as outlined in the docker-compose.yml
  7. Use the dbname specified in your createdb
  8. Select the Overwrite option.

For the postgresql connection, the user is 'postgres' and
password is 'example' - you can change the password in the docker-compose.yml.

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