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Support using NVidia GPUs on Amazon AMIs
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This container supports accessing the NVidia GPU via a Docker container on the EC2 AMI ami-ba7a30ad under the Amazon DARPA account 9154-1640-1486. Docker containers that support NVidia must have the EXACT SAME NVidia driver as the underlying system. This makes this container much more specific than normal.


Devices must be mapped in the Firmament config for this to work.

    "name": "caffe",
    "Image": "sotera/redis-watchman-cudnn5:1.0",
    "DockerFilePath": "",
    "Hostname": "caffe",
    "HostConfig": {
      "VolumesFrom": [
      "Links": [
      "Devices" : [
        { "PathOnHost": "/dev/nvidiactl", "PathInContainer": "/dev/nvidiactl", "CgroupPermissions": "mrw"},
        { "PathOnHost": "/dev/nvidia-uvm", "PathInContainer": "/dev/nvidia-uvm", "CgroupPermissions": "mrw"},
        { "PathOnHost": "/dev/nvidia0", "PathInContainer": "/dev/nvidia0", "CgroupPermissions": "mrw"}
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