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This image contains Apache Karaf 4.0.2 together with Apache Camel 2.15 and Hawtio 1.4.58.
Full Description

This repo contains Karaf+Hawtio+Camel. Everything is in default setting.
Currently the version is 4.0.2 for Karaf, 2.15.1 for Camel and 1.4.58 for Hawtio.

If you want to run it:

  1. Run the command.
    docker run -d -p 8181:8181 --name karaf karaf:4.0.2

  2. Then go to your browser to <image_ip>:8181:hawtio/login.
    You should see the Hawtio screen.

To use MDC logging you need to use the COPY command and modify the dockerfile in order to overwrite the pax logging file in the etc folder for Karaf.

To set the deploy folder to the host create a VOLUME.

Docker Pull Command