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How to launch the application using Docker:

Pull the image

sudo docker pull semiot/simulator-heat-meters:v1.0.0

Create the minimal config file

sudo echo registerURI=coap://deviceproxyservice:3131/register > /semiot-platform/simulator-heat-meters/

You can also extend this file with other properties.

Run the container

sudo docker run -i -t -v /semiot-platform/simulator-heat-meters:/semiot-platform/simulator-heat-meters -p 60000-61000:60000-61000/udp semiot/simulator-heat-meters

How to check simulators are working

Open in Copper next URI: coap://localhost:${[startPort..startPort + count]}/.well-known/core and "observe" registrations on coap://localhost:${[startPort..startPort + count]}/temperature.

How to manage simulators' configuration

Java properties file /semiot-platform/simulator-heat-meters/ contains next parameters:

  • hostname - ip or name of simulators' base host, using in meter description
  • count - number of launching simulators
  • heartbeat - time interval between meters' registration, ms
  • outsideTemperature - affects registration, C
  • quartersMax and quartersMin - interval of allowed quarters count in house
  • timeToStart - time interval to launch up all simulators, s
  • startPort - initial port for simulators; ports [${startPort}..${startPort + count}] would be occupied
  • registerURI - URI of available Device Proxy Service
  • registerOnStart - determine whether to register simulator over DeviceProxyService or not
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