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Odoo dev env for personal use.
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My Odoo Dev Env

  • pip 9.0+ installed
  • ipython 5.4+ installed; ipdb installed
  • latest(nightly) odoo deb build into image
  • run bash as entrypoint rather than odoo for dev's
  • Useful dirs already symlinked to home (/var/lib/odoo)
  • Useful bash commands (in container) in favor of odoo dev


  • docker-compose up -d
  • docker ps
  • dbash (my private bash command) container_id [container_id]

spacemacs Usage

Be sure you are at Emacs 25.2 with docker-layer installed.

After docker-compose up -d

  • SPC f f to open HELM Find Files
  • Input /docker:odoodocker_web_1:, this will invoke tramp
    using docker ssh. If success, helm should prompt
    /docker:odoodocker_web_1:/var/lib/odoo/ in popups. Enter that
  • There are symlinks defined in ./

Odoo Init

  • username, dbname, db password etc should all be "db"
  • Important! load demo database. Otherwise --test-enable won't work

Containers' Bash Commands

  • bare_odoo: start odoo service without any dev options (logs,
    devmode etc.)
  • dev_odoo: start odoo service with dev=all,ipdb
  • tapp_odoo: test app. Takes 1 argument, a list of app names
    separated by ","
  • tlapp_odoo: test app with log. Doesn't work yet
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