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Docker image for Guacamole Server

Based on the small debian:wheezy base.
Compiles all guacamole components from source.

Build from source

git clone
cd docker-guacamole
docker build -t spali/guacamole .


Create your guacamole config directory and populate with the file.
See the examples directory. Then launch with the following.

If the config directory /etc/guacamole is empty, initially the examples/noauth config is copied to /etc/guacamole during first start of the docker container.

docker run -d --restart always --name guacamole \
  -v /my-configuration-directory:/etc/guacamole \
  -p 8080:8080 \

Browse to http://localhost:8080


This is a complete rewrite of the project hall757/guacamole by Randy Hall. The main difference is the smaller size of the resulting image due base switch to debian and also the optimize build process.

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