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Zarafa Collaboration Platform
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Docker Container for Zarafa Collaboration Platform

Almost complete Zarafa setup including additional software


Currently just a starting point which will be optimized in the future.
I have a big TODO list which I want to work on.
Pull requests are always welcome.

Here an example how to start quick:
Certificates and keys are defined by environment variables which must contain the content of the certificate.

docker run -it --hostname=$MAIL_HOST --name zarafa \
    -e "CONF_LDAP_PASSWORD=secret" \
    -e "CONF_LDAP_BASE_DN=dc=domain,dc=tld" \
    -e "CONF_LDAP_DOMAIN=domain.tld" \
    -e "CONF_MAIL_DOMAIN=domain.tld" \
    -e "CONF_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=secret" \
    -e "CONF_MAIL_LOCAL_ALIAS=mycatchall@domain.tld" \
    spali/zarafa \


  • disable anonymous bind in ldap
    • use zarafa specific ldap user for zarafa->ldap connection
    • use postfix specific ldap user for postfix->ldap connection
  • option for using external ldap server (ie. if $LDAP_HOST provided then skip ldap stuff and configure everything to use the external server)
  • option for using external mysql server (ie. if $MYSQL_HOST provided then skip mysql stuff and configure everything to use the external server)
    • requires definition of $MYSQL_USER too
  • zarafa
    • zarafa-server ssl setup
    • z push setup
  • fetchmail
  • phpldapadmin
  • maybe client certificate for auth
  • cleanup env variables
    • declare it in Dockerfile
  • test env var password with $
  • test end to end encryption:
  • sending mail from webapp to external address, the first "recevied from" contains localhost.. get rid of this
  • nginx instead of big apache
  • try to use debconf-set-selection for mysql password
  • remove ldap:// from service and scripts ? just use ldapi:// ?
  • better service implementation (replace supervisor?)
    • wait for process to start before continue
    • dependencies
  • cron service
  • optional roundcube webmail
  • think of service which could be easy separated into it's own container (i.e slapd, mysql) does this make sense?


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