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CDX to OpenMRS Connector

This connector allows to register Sample IDs and results to a patient's encounter in an OpenMRS system through its RESTful API.


This is a tiny Rails application, so you should git clone and bundle install it.

Before running it, you should create a few things in OpenMRS:

  1. Create a Concept Class called SampleID (at http://OPENMRS_HOST/openmrs-standalone/admin/concepts/conceptClass.form).

  2. Create another Concept Class called SampleResult.

  3. Create a Concept called SampleID (at http://OPENMRS_HOST/openmrs-standalone/dictionary/concept.form) with Class SampleID and datatype Text. Register its UUID on config/settings.yml as the sample_id_concept_uuid field.

  4. Create a Concept called SampleResult with Class SampleResult and datatype Text. Register it as sample_result_concept_uuid in config/settings.yml.

  5. Correctly fill the openmrs_base_url to match your host in config/settings.yml.

Now you're done to just rails s your app.


Set up a subscription in CDX to URL http://CDX-OPENMRS-CONNECTOR-HOST/openmrs/result with verb GET, no auth, and all fields selected. This will push all the filtered events to this app, which will insert the result data into OpenMRS. The connector will make use of the fields sample_id and result, make sure they are properly defined in your CDX instance.


1- Register a new patient in OpenMRS in the Register a patient menu.

2- Create a new visit for the patient in OpenMRS from the Active Visits menu.

3- Add a visit note in OpenMRS for the visit from the Visit Note action in the Current Visit Actions menu of the visit details page.

4- In the cdx-openmrs-connector app, search the patient by name, select the Visit, and enter the sample_id to be used in CDX for this patient test.

5- Run the test and upload it to CDX.

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