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auto build razor containers
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This repo builds a couple docker containers used for kickstarting my openstack (RDO) server using puppet's razor app.
It expects your host already has a large storage space mounted at /data to be shared into the two containers. Since razor depends on a PXE/DHCP/TFTP server already running, a second GitHub project, spam4kev/pxe, should already be running on the host before starting this projects docker compose. Notes on how to run spam4kev/pxe can be found at that projects

NOTE: I ran in to some trouble with the docker engine host already had dnsmasq running which had port 53 open, preventing the container from being able to bind. To resolve, I killed the dnsmasq process on the docker engine host.

  • Run the below commands to prep your workstation to spin up the razor server container, backend database container, and pxe boot container.

    sudo mount <my NAS IP>:/media /media
    #there should be all the needed OS ISO's under /media/BitTorrent/operating_systems/\<os name (eg; centos)>
    sudo sh -c "curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` > /usr/local/bin/docker-compose"
    sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
    mkdir -p /data/razor /data/razor/pgsql
    chmod 777 /data/razor/pgsql
    chmod 775 /data/razor
    chown root /data/razor
    git clone
    cd ~
    docker-compose --x-networking up #--x-networking due to bug:
    docker-compose rm
    docker rmi spam4kev/razor-server spam4kev/pxe
    sudo rm -rf /data/razor/pgsql/userdata/ /data/razor/repo-store/* /data/razor/
  • Some troubleshooting steps

docker run -d --name razorserver_razordb -e POSTGRESQL_USER=razor -e POSTGRESQL_PASSWORD=mypass -e POSTGRESQL_DATABASE=razor_prd -v /data/razor/pg centos/postgresql-94-centos7

docker run -v /data/razor:/var/lib/razor -t -i --link razorserver_razordb --name razorserver_razorserver_1 centos sh
/var/log/razor-server/console.log" "/opt/razor-torquebox/jboss/bin/" \
        "-Djboss.server.log.dir=/var/log/razor-server" \
        "-b" "" "-Dhttp.port=8150" \
docker commit -m "centos + razor rpm" $(docker ps -lq) razor-test

docker run -t -i --name razorserver_razorserver_1 spam4kev/razor-server sh
docker exec -i -t razorserver_razorserver_1  bash
docker logs razorserver_razordb
psql -h razor_db -p 5432 -d razorserver_razordb -U razor
  • The below manual build steps have proven to work if all else fails

sed -i 's/razor_prd/\/\/razorserver_razordb_1\/razor_prd/' /etc/razor/config.yaml
curl -SL      | tar -xC /var/lib/razor/repo-store/
razor-admin -e production migrate-database
/etc/razor/ start
# CTRL-P + CTRL-Q to disconnect
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