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XBMC Headless Server (Gotham 13.2)
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Used wernerb's xbmc docker to create a more compact docker of headless gotham based xbmx and just adapted it a little to suit unraid environment.

Pull the git or download the zip and then to build

docker build --rm=true -t $(whoami)/docker-xbmc-server .

to run

docker run -d --net=host -e MYSQLip=\<yourhostip\> -e MYSQLport=\<yourhostport\> -e MYSQLuser=\<databaseusername\> -e MYSQLpass=\<databasepassword\> --privileged -v \<local folder for storing config\>:/root.xbmc $(whoami)/docker-xbmc-server

variables are

MYSQLip : MYSQL host, must be ipaddress and not hostname<br>
MYSQLport : port for MYSQL host (usually 3306)<br>
MYSQLuser : user for xbmc mysql <br>
MYSQLpass : password for xbmc mysql<br>

/root/.xbmc is config folder within the image.

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