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Jsonnet templating language (
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Jsonnet - The data templating language

For an introduction to Jsonnet and documentation,
visit our website.

Visit our discussion forum.

Building Jsonnet

You can use either GCC or Clang to build Jsonnet. Note that on recent versions
of macOS, /usr/bin/gcc and /usr/bin/g++ are actually Clang, so there is no


To build Jsonnet with GCC, run:


To build Jsonnet with Clang, run:

make CC=clang CXX=clang++

To run the output binary, run:



Bazel builds are also supported.
Install Bazel if it is
not installed already. Then, run the following command to build with GCC:

bazel build -c opt //cmd:jsonnet

To build with Clang, use one of these two options:

env CC=clang CXX=clang++ bazel build -c opt //cmd:jsonnet

# OR

bazel build -c opt --action_env=CC=clang --action_env=CXX=clang++ //cmd:jsonnet

This builds the jsonnet target defined in cmd/BUILD. To
launch the output binary, run:



See the contributing page on our website.

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