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My personal Curriculum Vitae website, available as a Docker container
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Curriculum Vitae

This project represents both a web front end as well as the infrastructure
configuration required to host it. This specific website is intended to act
as a unique curriculum vitae.

Specifically, I wanted to showcase some of the aspects of development I most
enjoy at this point, without getting too complicated or requiring too much
time from a prospective evaluator.


My curriculum vitae is split into a number of sections covering my experience
both as a developer and operations manager and, to a lesser degree, my academic

I've included a couple of projects which I have recently worked on, as well as
a small back story for each if you're interested.

In addition to this, I cover the technologies I have spent time working with as
well as a subjective rating of how confident I feel with each and my level of
enjoyment in my last experience with them.



The frontend is built using a combination of Aurelia and
MaterializeCSS. All of the backing code is written
in TypeScript and I've endeavoured to make it maintainable, extensible and readable.


The infrastructure aspect of this website is managed using Ansible, you'll find the
various playbooks and their supporting roles in the Infrastructure folder. Every role
was written specifically for this project, however in many cases inspiration was taken
from previous projects I have worked on (and which used modules from Ansible Galaxy).


In addition to the Ansible managed infrastructure, I've also included a Dockerfile (and corresponding
Docker image) which allow you to run a local copy of my CV on your machine should you be
so inclined.

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