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MONGODB_HOST the host/ip of your mongodb database
MONGODB_PORT the port number of your mongodb database
MONGODB_USER the username of your mongodb database. If MONGODB_USER is empty while MONGODB_PASS is not, the image will use admin as the default username
MONGODB_PASS the password of your mongodb database
MONGODB_DB the database name to dump. If not specified, it will dump all the databases
EXTRA_OPTS the extra options to pass to mongodump command
CRON_TIME the interval of cron job to run mongodump. 0 0 * * * by default, which is every day at 00:00
MAX_BACKUPS the number of backups to keep. When reaching the limit, the old backup will be discarded. No limit, by default
INIT_BACKUP if set, create a backup when the container launched

ACCESS_KEY: AWS Access key
SECRET_KEY: AWS Secret key
INFLUX_HOST: InfluxDB Server
S3_PATH: Path to your S3 Bucket

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