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This is the base-image of all our other docker images. It is based on the
official centos7 images and adds:

  • supervisord
  • confd

Supervisord is configured to load /etc/supervisord.d/*.ini. It also starts
confd by default. Multitail is used to display the log output on the tty.

On startup, this container will execute /scripts/ and execute
any start-up hooks if present. It will then execute CMD (default:


If your container needs to do something before executing CMD, you can do so
by placing a script in /scripts/entrypoint-hooks.d. Make sure you chmod +x

How to use

Example Dockerfile:

    FROM spilgames/centos
    RUN yum install -y my-software
    COPY my-supervisor-file.ini /etc/supervisord.d/

For more information on supervisord, see:


A list of features I would like to add in the future:

  • Allow more control over how multitail is executed using environment
    variables (e.g. for running the container in dev, split screen may be
    better than merge-all).
  • Detect presence of consul / etcd and start confd with the appropriate


This code is distributed under the Apache License 2.0


Contributions welcome, just open a PR.

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