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Debian image with PARSEC 3.0 and SPLASH2/SPLASH2x benchmark suites (source, compiled)
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Docker version of PARSEC 3.0 and SPLASH2/SPLASH2x benchmark suites.

Two images are available, one containing the source code (bugs fixed) and another containing the compiled suites.

Source code image

This image is published as spirals/parsec-3.0:source and contains the source code only.
In order to provide a lightweight image, each input has been compressed.


Available at

Self-running image

This docker image contains all built benchmarks and all inputs (test, simdev, simsmall, simmedium, simlarge, native).

Each benchmark has been compiled for each available configuration (gcc, gcc-hooks, gcc-serial, gcc-openmp, gcc-pthreads, gcc-tbb).


This image has to be used in a non-interactive mode—i.e., all the benchmarks can be directly launched by using the command docker run.

All the available commands for this container conform to the parsecmgmt command (docker run spirals/parsec-3.0). For example, please use docker run spirals/parsec-3.0 -a status to list all the compiled benchmarks.

The default command is extended with option -S to specify the suite (parsec, splash2, splash2x) to which the selected package belongs (some benchmarks are available in different suites).
It can be replaced by using the full name of the package instead.


Available at

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