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PowerAPI's CLI for building automatically a various number of software-defined power meters
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This image is used to run automatically a various choices of software-defined power meters.


You have first to create a data volume to store the configuration files (conf directory) for PowerAPI.
It will include all parameters needed to PowerAPI for configuring its internal components.
The different parameters to set up are described inside the Wiki.

We assume that a data volume powerapi-cli-conf is created on the host system.

The --privileged option is used to get the root access to the host machine,
the --net=host option is mandatory to be able to use the PowerSPY bluetooth power meter inside a container, and the --pid=host is required to be able to get an access to the running apps of the host machine.

Help text
docker run --rm --privileged --net=host --pid=host \
--volumes-from powerapi-cli-conf \


powerapi.cpu.tdp = 35
Associated docker command
docker run --rm --privileged --net=host --pid=host -v \
--volumes-from powerapi-cli-conf \
spirals/powerapi-cli \
modules procfs-cpu-simple monitor --frequency 1000 --all --console
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