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Docker image for software in SPP Computeralgebra
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Docker image for Software in the DFG SPP Computeralgebra

This repository contains the Dockerfile for a Docker image
containing some of the software created in the DFG SPP Computeralgebra.
The image is availible at

At the moment, the image contains the following software:

  • Singular (with flint, version of the day)
  • Polymake (latest snapshot)
  • Normaliz (3.0)
  • 4ti2 (independent Polymake)
  • Nemo
  • GAP together with:
    • homalg (deposited packages)
    • PolymakeInterface
      and the newer develepments in GAP
    • homalg (undeposited packages)
    • CAP
    • SingularInterface
    • NormalizInterface
    • 4ti2gap

To start a Docker container from the image, you need a new version of
docker installed on your computer (see )
Then you can start a container with

docker run -it sppcomputeralgebra/sppdocker

Once this is done, you are presented with a shell, where
you can execute the CAS listed above as you are used to.

Docker Pull Command