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Apache Cassanda Docker image based on srdc/java
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Apache Cassandra Dockerfile

Apache Cassandra Dockerfile based on srdc/java

Base Docker Image


Execute either of the following:

docker pull srdc/cassandra:3.10  (latest)    [downloads the image from Docker Hub]
docker build -t srdc/cassandra:3.10          [builds from the local Dockerfile]


  • Start a cassandra server instance:
`docker run --name cassandra -d srdc/cassandra:3.10`
  • Connect to Cassandra from an application in another Docker container:
`docker run --name cassandra --link some-cassandra:cassandra -d app-that-uses-cassandra`
  • Make a cluster:
`docker run --name cassandra2 -d -e CASSANDRA_SEEDS="$(docker inspect --format='{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' cassandra)" srdc/cassandra:3.10`

`docker run --name cassandra2 -d --link cassandra:cassandra srdc/cassandra:3.10`
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