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This repo is for those familiar with Docker and
currently taking the Neural Data coursera
. Instead of Anaconda, we
leverage Docker to create easily reproducible environments.

how to use

Extract the desired problem sets from ./problem-sets under the ./my-work
directory. my-work is where you keep your solutions, and it is not committed to

Next, install Docker (or boot2docker if you use Mac), and run make. This will
drop you in a bash shell with all the Python requisites installed, with my-work
being the current directory. You may edit the problems (extracted under my-work)
using the editor of your choice, and submit them directly from the docker shell.

This is still a work-in-progress as I work through the course.

IPython notebook

Run make notebook followed by opening http://${DOCKER_HOST}:8888 in your

Docker Pull Command
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