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Cocos2d-x 32bit Utopic image from debootstrap
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Cocos2d-x 32bit Utopic image from debootstrap

When running 64bit apps on Linux i need a 32machine for test, compile, pack my apps for 32bit arch machine

cocos2dx fails to compile 32bit on 64bit machine so i created from scratch.(debootstrap)

Image used to compile and test and pack 32bit cocos2d-x games

enable cpack on CMackeList.txt

If you need only compile, test and pack

$docker run -t  -v /home/js/Apps:/apps -v /ComboDrive/Apps/cocos2d-x:/cocos2d-x -v /home/js/Work/Repo/MyGame:/MyGame -i sridher/cocosbase /usr/bin/linux32 /bin/bash

For executing with xserver(DISPLAY)

$docker run -t -e DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v $HOME/.Xauthority:/home/developer/.Xauthority -v /home/js/Apps:/apps -v /ComboDrive/Apps/cocos2d-x:/cocos2d-x -v /home/js/Work/Repo/MyGame:/MyGame -i sridher/cocosbase /usr/bin/linux32 /bin/bash

Here Steps used to Create

I know its raw without Dockerfile ; i will create later based on requirements

root@js:/tmp# debootstrap --arch=i386 utopic utopic32
root@js:/tmp#tar -C utopic32 -c . | docker import - utopic32

root@js:/tmp#docker run -t  -v /home/js/Apps:/apps -v /ComboDrive/Apps/cocos2d-x:/cocos2d-x -v /home/js/Work/Repo/MyGame:/MyGame -i utopic32 /usr/bin/linux32 /bin/bash

root@6af892137c53:/#cd cocos2d-x
root@4a144617912b:/cocos2d-x/build# ./ 
root@4a144617912b:/MyGame# apt-get install libglew-dev
root@4a144617912b:/MyGame# apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev

root@6af892137c53:/cocos2d-x# apt-get install python && apt-get clean
root@4a144617912b:/cocos2d-x# source /root/.bashrc
root@4a144617912b:/MyGame# cocos compile -p linux

root@4a144617912b:/MyGame/linux-build# apt-get install rpm 

root@4a144617912b:/MyGame/linux-build# cat /etc/apt/sources.list
deb utopic main
root@4a144617912b:/MyGame/linux-build# echo "deb utopic main universe" > /etc/apt/sources.list
root@4a144617912b:/MyGame/linux-build# cat /etc/apt/sources.listdeb utopic main universe

root@4a144617912b:/MyGame/linux-build# apt-get install nsis
root@4a144617912b:/MyGame/linux-build# cpack
root@4a144617912b:/MyGame/linux-build# exit

PS :

Docker Pull Command