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Short Description
OpenStack Mitaka ceilometer-agent-notification daemon with OpenCORD extensions
Full Description

This docker container is built on top of srikanthvavila/ceilometer-base container. It executes the ceilometer-agent-notification daemon with OpenCORD ( specific extensions.

The purpose of this container is to read the event and metrics from the RabbitMQ queue and publish to MongoDB. Additionally based on the configuration, this service will publish data to Kafka message bus

So, this container depends on three infrastructure modules.

  • RabbitMQ
  • MongoDB
  • Kafka

How to Run:
docker run --link <mongodb_container>:mongodb --env USE_MONGODB=1 --env RABBIT_TRANSPORT_URL= rabbit://openstack:password@<rabbit-host-ip>:5672// --env KAFKA_PUBLISHER_URL= kafka://<kafka-host>:9092/topic=ceilometer

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