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First be sure to have Docker installed :-)

Install the Container on your host:

docker run  -d -P inetpeople/shibby-arm-dev

More about the Dockerfile:

You can SSH to this Container. The root password is: shibby-arm.

docker ps | grep 22/tcp
# Returns something like:
ssh tomato@
# password: shibby-arm

Run to get the ARM sources and set your environment. It will download the sources from bitbucket and set the build ENV for it.

Run to get the shibby sources

You will find the sources in:

cd /home/tomato/tomato-arm/release/src-rt-6.x.4708/

Copy the source for compilation

Now switch into:

cd /home/tomato/tomato-make

Don't forget to run once:

# Set $PATH and reload:
echo "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/hndtools-arm-linux-2.6.36-uclibc-4.5.3/bin:/sbin/" >> ~/.profile && source ~/.profile'

Now build the firmware with make. Try make help or look into the Makefile in this directory to know your options.

# cd cd /home/tomato/tomato-make
make help
# Example: build firmware for 868L
make dir868l V1=MyFirmware V2=2.6-xxx

Good Luck!


Try this:

 # Did you save your work? Now is a good time..
 cd /home/tomato/tomato-arm/release/src-rt-6.x.4708/
 git clean -dfx && git checkout .

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