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SMTP server for testing mail functionality
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FakeSMTPd is an SMTP server for testing mail functionality. Any mail sent via this server will be saved, but will not be forwarded any further.

Mail is printed to stdout in default mbox format, as defined in RFC 4155. Alternatively, a file to save the to can be specified using the FAKESMTPD_OUTPUT variable. The SMTP mail receivers are added in X-FakeSMTPd-Receiver headers.

Exposed Ports

  • Port 25: SMTP port

Environment Variables

  • FAKESMTPD_OUTPUT - file to write output to, defaults to - (stdout)

Example Usages

docker run -d -p 8888:25 srittau/fakesmtpd

docker run -d \
    -e FAKESMTPD_OUTPUT=/app/log \
    -v /tmp/fakesmtpd:/app/log \
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