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kafka manager Dockerfile

kafka manager is a tool from Yahoo Inc. for managing Apache Kafka.

Base Docker Images


docker run -it --rm  -p 9000:9000 -e ZK_HOSTS="your-zk.domain:2181" -e APPLICATION_SECRET=letmein sheepkiller/kafka-manager

(if you don't define ZK_HOSTS, default value has been set to "localhost:2181")

you can also override conf with local configuration files:

docker run [...] -v /path/to/confdir:/kafka-manager-1.0-SNAPSHOT/conf [...]

Specify a revision

If you want to upgrade/downgrade this Dockerfile, edit it and set KV_REVISION to desired one (from rev c9a9093b72fd296d1634854fe8150dcc4b861882)

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