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Test build of archive application software.
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This is a first pass at an archive-bsm app server testing setup. For development you'll want to add some volumes/shares to get your git checkout in the source tree rather than the exported source in this image. More on that soon. To test this image:

1) Run a postgres or postgres-postgis container first. Assign the postgres server container the name 'db'.


docker run --rm -v /data/:/var/lib/postgresql/data --name=db -P postgres

2) If you've already set up the database with data you can simply run this container linking db to the postgres container:

docker run --rm -t -i --link db:db --name=app -p 6543:6543 sspickle/archbsm:0.18

2a) if it's the first time you've started the database you'll need to set up the webuser user and the archivedev database. This can be done using the script

docker run --rm -t -i --link db:db --entrypoint="/bin/bash" sspickle/archbsm:0.18 /archbsm/

and 2b)

docker run --rm -t -i --link db:db --entrypoint="initialize_archive-pyramid_db" -p 6543:6543 sspickle/archbsm:0.18 /archbsm/development.ini

Then proceed to step 2.

3) If you've already set up the database, you can skip this part.

You can now connect at port 6543 on the IP of the dev server.

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