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shellinabox for docker. run. hack.
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Dockerfile to build a shellinabox container image.


Current Version: 2.20


Pull The Image

Pull the latest image, which is HEAD of the git repository.

docker pull sspreitzer/shellinabox:latest

Run The Image

For example.

docker run -p 4200:4200 -e SIAB_PASSWORD=xyz678abc -e SIAB_SUDO=true sspreitzer/shellinabox:latest


Available Configuration Parameters

  • SIAB_USERCSS: String of configured and enabled css extensions. Defaults to system default list.
  • SIAB_PORT The port where shellinabox should listen to. Defaults to 4200.
  • SIAB_ADDUSER Whether to create a default user. Defaults to true.
  • SIAB_USER The name of the user. Defaults to guest.
  • SIAB_USERID The numeric ID of the user. Defaults to 1000.
  • SIAB_GROUP The primary group of the user. Defaults to guest.
  • SIAB_GROUPID The numeric ID of the primary group of the user. Defaults to 1000.
  • SIAB_PASSWORD The password of the user. Defaults to an autogenerated password, printed out on stdout.
  • SIAB_SHELL The shell of the user. Defaults to /bin/bash.
  • SIAB_HOME The home directory of the user. Defaults to /home/guest.
  • SIAB_SUDO Whether to allow user to sudo. Defaults to false.
  • SIAB_SSL Whether to enable ssl and create certificates on request. Defaults to true.
  • SIAB_SERVICE Service strings to use for shellinabox, separated by whitespace. Defaults to local logins /:LOGIN.
  • SIAB_PKGS Packages to be installed before shellinabox starts. Defaults to none.
  • SIAB_SCRIPT Script to download and run before shellinabox start. SSL verification is disabled. Defaults to none.


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