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Sidekick for docker tools
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CoreOS AWS Helper scripts

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  • Command List
    docker run -it sstarcher/aws-tools help
  • aws - direct access to awscli
  • dns - allows to point a dns entry to the instance
  • ebs - attaches a pre-exiting ebs volume to this instance by volume id or volume name tag
  • eip - attaches a pre-exiting eip to this instance
  • eni - attaches an existing interface to this server


Configures the ENI that has been attached as a secondary interface

#! /bin/bash
set -e
/usr/bin/ip link set eth1 up
until ip route | grep default | grep eth1
  echo "Try again"
  sleep 0.5
ip route delete $(ip route | grep default | grep eth1);
GATEWAY=$(route -n | grep 'UG[ \t]' | awk '{print $2}')
ip route add default via $GATEWAY dev eth1 table 11
PRIVATE_IP=$(ip addr | awk '/inet/ && /eth1/{sub(/\/.*$/,"",$2); print $2}')
ip rule add from $PRIVATE_IP lookup 11
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