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Mention Test

The project require an App in dev center of Mention

AccessToken of your Mention App is used.

Docker is used in this project Docker


You can download image of project:

docker pull st3w4r/mention-test

Or build it, with Dockerfile :

docker build -t mention-test .

Run server

For run the server you need replace YOUR_TOKEN_API_OF_MENTION by the Access Token in mention

docker run -d -p 80:9001 -e MENTION_TOKEN_ENV="YOUR_TOKEN_API_OF_MENTION" st3w4r/mention-test

Access to website

If you use Boot2Docker your need find your ip with command:

boot2docker ip

Ip of Boot2Docker:

Now you can open a browser and go to:

Or with native Docker on:


Show Alerts list

Click on Show Alerts list, the list of your alerts with the primary_keyword is displayed

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