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This project is deprecated

Use docker-compose as described in

Graphite + Carbon + Grafana + Elasticsearch + Kibana

An all-in-one image running graphite and carbon-cache and grafana.

This image contains a sensible default configuration of graphite and

Getting started with DockerHub

  • Pull the container docker pull stagemonitor/stagemonitor-docker
  • Download and execute the start script: curl -s | sh
  • Open the Dashboards.
    • http://[docker-ip]:8888/kibana/*
    • http://[docker-ip]:8888/grafana/*

Start with custom build

  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • Optional: edit the settings
  • Build the docker container: execute ./build
  • Optional: modify start to map to the ports and host directories you need
  • Start the container: execute ./start
  • Open the Dashboards.
    • http://[docker-ip]:8888/kibana/*
    • http://[docker-ip]:8888/grafana/*

* Replace [docker-ip] with localhost if you are using native docker or, if you are using boot2docker. If the ip is not working, check boot2docker ip for the actual ip. The trailing slash is important.


Starting this container with the start script will, by default, bind the the following

Host/VM Container Description
8888 80 the grafana (/grafana/) and kibnana (/kibana/) web interface
8181 2003 the graphite web interface (/)
2003 2003 the carbon-cache line receiver (the standard graphite protocol)
2004 the carbon-cache pickle receiver
7002 the carbon-cache query port (used by the web interface)

You can log into the administrative interface of graphite-web (a Django application) with the username admin and password admin. These passwords can be changed through the web interface.

NB: Please be aware that by default docker will make the exposed ports accessible from anywhere if the host firewall is unconfigured.

Mounted Volumes

The start script will, by default, mount the following directories:

Host/VM Container Description
/var/docker/stagemonitor/elastic /var/lib/elasticsearch elasticsearch index files
/var/docker/stagemonitor/graphite /opt/graphite/storage/whisper whisper (timeseries) database files
/var/docker/stagemonitor/supervisor /var/log/supervisor logs for elasticsearch, graphite and nginx

Technical details

By default, this instance of carbon-cache uses the following retention periods
resulting in whisper files of approximately 290Kb.



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