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Crowd LDAP Server

Implementation of an LDAP server that delegates authentication to an
Atlassian Crowd installation
using the Crowd REST API.

This service allows your favourite SSO authentication source to be used from many legacy devices, appliances and systems.

The LDAP implementation is based on the Apache Directory Server v1.5.7,
which is distributed under the Apache License v2.0.


Crowd LDAP Server Bundle is
licenced under the Apache License v2.0.

Copyright 2012 Dieter Wimberger

See NOTICE.txt for details.


To build this source code, you will need Apache Maven 3 and
Java JDK 7 or newer.

Then run:

mvn clean install


You will need to edit etc/ to specify the connection details of the
Crowd server after
adding an application to Crowd

If you are running you can alternatively set the configuration using these shell variables:


You can configure the LDAP port (default: 10389) and enable SSL in etc/


You can run this service by executing:


or on Windows:


Docker image

This application is also available as an Docker image

docker pull stain/crowd-ldap-server

To instead build the Docker image from this source:

docker build -t crowd-ldap-server .

To run the image you will need to expose the port 10389 and specify the environment variables:

docker run -p 10389:10389 -e CROWD_URL= -e CROWD_APP_PW s3cret stain/crowd-ldap-server 

The default variables are:

CROWD_APP_NAME crowd-ldap-server
CROWD_APP_PW crowd-ldap-server
CROWD_APP_URL http://crowd:8095/
CROWD_URL http://crowd:8095/crowd

This can thus be combined with the
atlassian-crowd docker image:

docker run -p 8095:8095 --name crowd griff/crowd

After setting up http://localhost:8095/crowd with a valid license, you can
add an application to Crowd for
crowd-ldap-server as a Generic Application.

For the URL field either use (as the LDAP server has not got a web interface) or
the URL of the service that ultimately will be using the LDAP server.

For the Remote Address field you should set the IP address as a range
as Docker will allocate virtual IP addresses dynamically. Note that the
actual range will vary per host.

To determine the IP address range, try

$ docker run busybox head -n1 /etc/hosts 1489e30925d0

Finally start the crowd-ldap-server container:

docker run --link crowd:crowd -p 10389:10389 -e CROWD_APP_PW s3cret stain/crowd-ldap-server
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