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mySQL Docker image tuned for Artifactory

Based on the official mySQL image,
applying the recommended mySQL tuning for Artifactory.

Docker image: stain/mysql-for-artifactory

Usage with Artifactory

This image would typically be linked to
from artifactory-with-mysql:

docker run --name mysql-for-artifactory-data -v /var/lib/mysql busybox
docker run -d --volumes-from mysql-for-artifactory-data --name mysql-for-artifactory stain/mysql-for-artifactory
docker run --name artifactory --link mysql-for-artifactory:mysql -p 8080:8080 stain/artifactory-with-mysql


This image sets up the database artdb with username artifactory
and password password, to match the defaults of

The mySQL root password has also been set to password.

/var/lib/mysql is exposed as a Docker volume - you will probably want to create a
Data volume container as in the
example above.

It should not normally be needed to back up mySQL for Artifactory, as
you can instead use Artifactory's

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