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Sphinx documentation with livereload.
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Docker sphinx-autobuild

This is the repo of the Docker image for sphinx-autobuild.

How to use this image

Build & serve html

$ docker run -d -v /path/to/sphinx-doc:/sphinx-doc -p 8000:8000 staker4/sphinx-autobuild

This image uses sphinx-autobuild as default COMMAND which builds and serves the documentation at http://localhost:8000.

Documentation location

You must specify the location to your local sphinx-doc by mounting the sphinx-doc VOLUME.

-v /path/to/sphinx-doc:/sphinx-doc

Served port

You must specify your localhost-port to map to container-port 8000 and on which the documentation shall be served.

-p <localhost port>:8000

Build html

$ docker run -v /path/to/sphinx-doc:/sphinx-doc staker4/sphinx-autobuild make html

You must overwrite the default COMMAND with make html. We can also remove the port mapping option -p 8000:8000 since we dont serve the documentation.

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